Control Tower

Open Eyes. Rapid Response

可以赌足球的app Control Tower service offers a global team of operators that is following a shipment’s every move, ready to respond within minutes to any critical event. The 可以赌足球的app Control Tower service is included with all Releye® leases. 

With the extensive sensor capabilities of the Releye® container, 可以赌足球的app is leading the industry with a completely new level of transparency. However, collecting and visualizing data is not sufficient in it itself unless you can make good use of it. That is why 可以赌足球的app is now offering a Control Tower service to support our customers identifying the most critical situations throughout a shipment and extend a hand to help resolve that situation. If a company makes the wrong assumptions around the root cause of its operational errors, it is not likely they will find the right solutions. 


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Unmatched visibility with unique sensor capabilities

Our Control Tower operatives have all the right tools available to support our customers in making informed decisions.

We will use our 35+ years of experience to help our customers handle any situation.

All of the 18 different integrated sensors available in the Releye® containers are used to support the Control Tower operatives.

  • 8 separate cargo space temperature sensors (°C)
  • 2 Ambient temperature sensors (°C)
  • Ambient humidity sensors (RH %)
  • Cargo space humidity (RH %)
  • Cargo loaded inside (yes/no)
  • Door openings (open/closed)
  • Battery level (%)
  • Location (GNSS, Wi-fi and Cellular)

Key Benefits

Responsiveness – Our customer will always be informed about when and how a situation has occurred. We can help identify issues and offer a response to problems before they escalate. 可以赌足球的app Control Tower operatives will reach out within 15 minutes of an event.

Prioritization – The 可以赌足球的app Control Tower will monitor the most critical events that might interrupt a shipment. Being the market leader since more than 35 years, we know a thing or two about what event are most critical to look out for, and how to handle them. Events are easily identified with alerts that are triggered based on predefined sensor logic ensuring that the most critical issues are highlighted and resolved quickly.

Collaboration — data and visibility are key, not only as a basis for decision making, but for collaboration and strengthening processes. The need for collaboration has never been higher where several parties must work together for a safe pharmaceutical distribution. 可以赌足球的app can now help facilitate and support connecting these stakeholders together.

Visibility – provides real-time Control Tower support 24/7/365 to information across the end-to-end supply chain. Based on the Releye® container sensors input delivering product condition along the supply chain so that stakeholders can make proactive decisions and prevent lost loads. The Releye® container has more than 18 sensors that provides the control tower professionals with a very good understanding of the situation.



The responsiveness, understanding, and control that the 可以赌足球的app Control Tower offers customers a better service to ensure optimal process performance, risk management resulting in less waste. The Control Tower is an included service with every Releye® lease.

Control Tower – How does it work

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